Multipurpose Ministry Building: Nehemiah Boy’s Ranch: Zambia

Why NOW? This building was started in 2006 before the first dorm was built. Its’ purpose is to provide space for dining, education, discipleship, and training programs for outreach and for the long term residents of the Ranch. Currently every bunk is full and many are waiting to enter this remarkable ministry to street boys. Existing space is now maxed out and used in the most creative ways possible. The time is NOW for the completion of this building. The thriving ministry of the Ranch will be capped until this vital space is usable.

Additional Space: Ukraine

Why NOW? This home style orphanage includes a third floor that is not complete. As of today, the other floors are full, and the family already has three needy children who are eagerly awaiting a place in this loving and dynamic Christian home.

Nafasi Training Post- Phase One: Kenya

Why NOW? We have the land, we have the leadership, and we have people waiting for the job opportunities and life skills training. If this ministry is not underway soon, we will not be ready for all the children becoming adults in our own homes. Nafasi represents our long term vision for the future of our kids. The future is NOW!

Outfitting Fund:

Why NOW? If we are going to build these buildings for shelter, education, discipleship and job training, then we need the beds, resources and equipment to bring in the children and begin the ministry. This includes other growing programs that don’t require a new building at this time

Missionary Housing: Zambia

Why NOW? Our most fervent prayer as a ministry over the last two years is that God would send out called and equipped ministers into these fields of harvest.

HE IS ANSWERING OUR PRAYER. Now that the missionary team is growing and many others are in preparation, we desperately need some affordable accommodations in place to reduce the high cost of living and reduce the great amount of work needed in establishing each missionary. Someone recently donated land for this great need in a perfect location. God has also provided skilled, volunteer construction help for the first part of 2011. Now we just need the funds for the first missionary duplex to house the team going out in 2011. The value and return of this investment will be incredible both immediately and over time.

Maternity Girls Home Completion: Zambia

Why NOW? Because of increased US funding since early 2009, abortion is on the rise in Zambia. This home is part of one of the most effective Zambian ministries to provide a REAL alternative to recent increases in abortion. This growing ministry has been housed in a very small, cramped home for the last three years. God has provided a huge property for farming, job training, and the start of a great house for many girls and babies. The previous home has miraculously been sold and the money applied to the new home. The new home is still not complete, however, and the girls must be out of the existing home by 1.1.11.

Ministry Vehicles: Kenya, Zambia

Why NOW? In these locations, ministry teams are growing and the ministry is also spreading out to multiple locations. Transportation is vital and can be very expensive. We need mobility, but want to accomplish this in an efficient shared approach. The need really is NOW so money is not wasted on rentals and so precious time is not wasted on public transport. These are not Land Cruisers! They will be well used to facilitate important ministry.


START UP Job Training Scholarships: Kenya, Zambia
-Education Fund
-Christian Camp Fund: Kenya, Ukraine, Haiti
-Partnership Retreats and Training
-Discipleship Retreats for Kids: Kenya, Zambia, Uganda
-The GO fund: Sending home staff to help build lives and begin ministries
-Increase Critical Orphan Care for developing Partnership in Uganda

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Clint Sibbitt; NOW Coordinator